Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great Day Off

Heidi and I started our day off with a romp in the snow.

A few pictures from my backyard Winter Wonderland.

A great lunch at PF Chang's with my husband Jack.

Then home to an afternoon of movies.


  1. Your back yard looks like my back yard... beautiful snow & bird houses. I need some new ones this year! Some of mine are showing the wear & tear of the Texas weather. Great photos. I see you have Time Travelers Wife for a movie to see. What did you think? I thought it was OK but, a bit strange. I think we might need to postpone Art another week. What do you think? Stay warm & safe. I miss you. Charlene

  2. That is the PERFECT day! Heidi is so cute, looks like the basketball has seen better days. The backyard is lovely with all of the snow. I was hoping for a shot of the nieghbors Bummed about tonight, we'll at least we have Thurs. Lisa