Monday, January 11, 2010

Signed With Love

e These great pillows were designed by Carol Bolton. This was a quaint tradition of sailors' They would look sweet on a dressing table or hanging from a ribbon. Get out the prettiest things in your scrap box and design one of your own.

Photos~ Victoria Magazine


  1. I used to love going into Carol Boltons stores in Fredericksburg. You just don't see as much written about them as you used to. Thanks for sharing the photos. I may need a swap gift (made from felt) for that Art event I am going to. I tried to call you today about the nurse photos. Call me on your next day off. HUGS!

  2. Girl, those are AMAZING!!! My love for Carol Bolton boarders obsession. I even made K drive around Fredericksburg to find her farmhouse. (Which he did) I thought I'd seen most everything she's done, but I missed that. Thanks for sharing. Lisa

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about my PINK yarn. How wonderfulo that we are both knitting grandmothers! Please let me know if you are in the "pink" or "blue"---. I will be anxious to share patterns for my baby things with you if you end up being pink! Thanks for the Teddy Bear offer - but I am going with a pink bunny - I will post it on the blog later. Its easy and I will gladly share it with you as well. Happy Knitting---


  4. I love those pillows and want them all....but I adore heidi in her precious.

  5. very cute! I love that magazine! Just found yor blog & am laughing at your hilarious dogs! They are adorable!! Off to browse now!!


  6. Wow, those pillows are mom makes similar pretties like this~

    Phoebe & Heidi are Adorable!