Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silver Sunday

This beautiful coffee set was given to me by my dear friend Judy Griffith on one of our annual trips to Jefferson.

This silver tray sits on my entrance table. I like to decorate it with holiday items.

This tray has a wonderful copper patina from the aging of the tray.

I am always amazed by the detail on some of the trays.

I used this as a cake stand for my daughters wedding cake.

A silver wine bucket can be used in so many ways.


  1. Hi Sista,
    I want to borrow forever that cake stand, oh & you better through in the ice bucket too. OMG so wonderful!
    Your blog looks terrific! I guess you figured out the font thing. The background is precious, I love it all. Lisa

  2. Great banner, you did a lovely job!
    Love he silver tea set!!!! Oh my how wonderful to have that!!!
    I just think it is so romantic to serve coffee and tea in a silver tea set.
    Margaret B

  3. Yes, I love my silver too! Those ice buckets are useful for more than just champagne! I love using them as planters for my ivy topiaries. Great posting!

  4. Hello! :) The banner look so pretty! You did a lovely job!
    Love all the silver pieces...just beautiful. I have a love for silver, sometimes I clean them...sometimes I love the tarnished look too....can't go wrong with these beautiful old pieces :)
    Love your blog!
    Have a great week :)

  5. Beautiful silver...I love the ice pretty with the hydrangeas!